Payment / Shipping Methods

Payment / Shipping Methods

Orders are senting within 48 hours with the cooperating, with G&M Socks, courier company, if the products are ready for delivery. In case they are not ready to be delivered, the products are shipped in 5 to 15 working days.

If the shipment of the product exceeds 15 working days we will contact you by phone or email for further information.

The cost of shipping by courier you will find it in the shop cart during your order

Payment Methods

A. Cash on delivery. The amount of the payment is paid to the courier employee at the time of delivery of the parcel (only for Greece, for other counties cash on delivery is not valid).

B. By deposit in a bank account. By placing an order through the site and choosing the payment method “bank deposit”, your order is put on hold until you make the deposit. In the bank deposit you must enter as a reason your full name and your order code. For the fastest execution of your order you can send us the deposit of the Bank by e-mail to Your order will be sent within 48 hours or the next working day.

It will be better to do the deposit within 2-3 days from the date of the order otherwise after a week your order is considered canceled.