G & M Socks - Finest Quality Socks

Premium quality socks made in Greece exclusively from Greek yarns

Advantages of our Products


Comfort and style

The careful knitting structure in the socks combined with the variety of colors and designs offer comfort and style.

Βαμβακερά νήματα

Quality and durability

The selected raw materials from Greek quality cotton offer quality and durability to our products

Three reasons to choose us


All raw materials used to make socks are carefully selected. This way covered the high standards that set by the hosiery G & M Socks.
Each pair produced is thoroughly inspected for any defects before going through the stages of sale.


All our products are ready to be delivered to our warehouses. This enables us to deliver our customers’ orders in a short time.

Fair prices

In recent years, the G & M Socks has invested in modern technology machinery for socks production and the acquisition of high quality expertise.

This gives us the advantage of producing high quality products at fair prices.